7-12 Inquiry Guide

Each inquiry theme below will begin by presenting background information for teachers about the specific subject matter in relation to climate change and give an overview of the associated risks and trends.

Each inquiry structure will include: 

  • A series of potential provocations to invoke discussion, questions, interests and ideas among your students.
  • Suggested strategies to generate questions
  • Understanding and mental health check-ins with students  
  • Ideas to build  knowledge
  • Methods to consolidate information
  • Stand-alone activities that teachers may want to integrate to ensure that students learn foundational concepts of climate change in a section called Pursuing Learning
  • Ultimately support students to engage in action for the purpose of mitigation and adaptation.

Woven throughout each inquiry are lists of possible resources (including books and videos), and hands-on activities to pursue learning. Inquiries 1-8 are designed to stand alone, addressing different angles and lenses through which climate change can be explored.

We do recommend beginning your journey through the guide with Inquiry 1. What is Climate Change and Why Care? This inquiry provides a good introduction to climate change and allows students to begin by thinking about the importance of this issue in their own lives and future. 

Start here:

Explore climate change through different themes: